Shumba Wileman
Speaker, Coach,
Author and Trainer

Helping and Inspiring You To The Next Level Of How To Find Bliss From Within

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Shumba Wileman
Speaker, Coach, Author and Trainer

Hello! I’m Shumba Wileman, and it’s great to meet you!

I am an experienced business owner with two successful businesses PEHPS Training, and Bliss Fountain Holistic Therapies. I have recently written my own book (which is currently being published) and decided to extend the holistic wellness knowledge that I have to coaching through Finding Bliss from Within.

I would like to discuss and know more about:

What’s stopping you from being who you really are?

Is your passion flame in need of re-igniting?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not exactly where you should be, whether in your career or in your life?

Are you experiencing loss of self-belief, self-esteem or low confidence?

I help you unleash your maximum potential, walk your own path, dance to your own tune, and enjoy the greatest privilege of a lifetime which is to live as, and “Be Who You Truly Are”.

I would like to inspire and share with you about finding bliss from within.

I Coach.

I use my experience to change the lives of others in a positive way. I feel it is my calling to help others see the light in themselves when all hope is lost.


I Speak.

By sharing my stories and experiences I can help make positive changes in your life and let you know what is possible and that you are never alone.


I Write.

My book ‘Finding Bliss From Within’ is a guide along the path of life, I discuss my life and what I have learnt so that I can empower and help you achieve what you want.


Need A Coach?

I can help you find your own Bliss From Within with my personal coaching services where I can be there for you every step of the way.

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Finding Bliss From Within

You can access my book online or purchase a real paper copy here n my website.

I am in the process of developing some online training courses to help you discover and find your own Bliss From Within.

Finding Bliss From Within

Feedback & Reviews

“Shumba is brilliant – a great message gets to the heart of matters. Motivational and inspirational. Everyone is definitely uniquely gifted, talented beyond measure. Wow”

Sukhee Munkhchulun


Shumba, is a “Fantastic Speaker”

Paul Lancaster

Founders Friday

“Shumba is a passionate storyteller and speaker . She shares her life’s journey, experience and wisdom to inspire others to emerge from under their comfort blanket, seize opportunities, face their fears and find bliss from within.” 

Ann English

The Visual Communicator

On 30th November, I attended  “Dare To Dream” event organised by Shumba.   I have  heard Shumba Wileman speak and if you get the chance I  recommend you to attend her events  too. She is strong in her convictions and her passion for seeing people achieve their goals can be felt . I left feeling that anything can be achieved , we just need to believe it and overcome our fears that we are not good enough. Shumba’s story is inspiring too as to how she achieved goals when many  have failed and  given up. Dream and make it happen is what Shumba says 🙌

Mayira Thomson

30th November 2019

On 27th September 2019 I attended Founders Friday event in Newcastle.There I listened to a truly inspiring and  motivational presentation by Shumba. The presentation was about the importance of knowing your Purpose, your Passion and your Gifts. Shumba is clearly passionate about helping people to see their potential and  living life to the full.  She was an inspiration to me and delivered a very interesting, engaging , energetic and interactive presentation. If you are looking for a speaker for your event, I would definitely recommend Shumba.

Kay McCready

27th September 2019

Shumba did a talk which was so very thoughtful about our relationship and inspiring about growth, ambition and the future. Everyone stood in silence to listen to Shumba and her beautiful words. We are hoping to work together for several more events in the future. Thank you so much, Shumba! I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a motivational and inspirational speaker for events.

Lauren McWilliams


My Story

What do I do?

I am an Author, Speaker, Holistic Coach, Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Instructor,  Holistic Coach and Complementary Therapist. I work with women to help re-energise their passion, their mojo, life purpose, vision and trust, as well as create new goals and new dreams in order to unleash your true potential and live the life that you truly deserve.

Sometimes life’s unexpected events derail us, and we feel all alone,  direction-less, and we lose our Faith, Confidence, Self-Belief and the Courage to carry on. If ever you feel like that, please feel free to contact me, and together, we SHALL overcome.

I support women to move on past difficult times with tact and empathy.

The women I work with want to rediscover their true worth, true values, re-ignite their inner spark and create their individual dreams of a new vision and new future.

Working together, I will help you to reset your self-belief, walk into the unknown, strengthen your inert muscles, find the best version of yourself, and find Bliss From Within in order to live the life that you truly desire and deserve.

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